What do you do if your spring wedding has been postponed?  My best advice?  Celebrate on your date anyway.  Most vendors and venues are not charging for the new date change because everyone is being affected by this. Celebrate on your original wedding date and then get married again and party hard on your new date. If this moment has taught us anything, it has proven that the most valuable thing we have is our health and our relationships.

Before NYC went on lockdown, one of my couples who were originally supposed to get married on March 21st decided they couldn’t hold off a minute longer.  We went up to the rooftop of their building and had one of the most beautiful and intimate ceremonies.  They are enjoying their Quarantine Honeymoon because it truly is the simple things that keep us happy.

Take this time to enjoy each other and focus on the things you are both looking forward to doing together in the near future.  Maybe even learn something new! We are all in this together and if you need any support (counseling or other), please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at rev.samora@gmail.com

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