Join Me at The Spiritual Love Summit (February 25-28)

The Spiritual Love Summit has been created to support you in raising your love vibration and giving you the tools to experience healing and more joy in your life.  After being closed in and forced to isolate, it is essential to embrace ourselves and evaluate what we want to bring into our lives as the world opens back up again.

An Amazing Panel of Healers and Experts

I will be joined a wonderful group of Experts (and even two Gifted Mediums) as we share our individual methods for self-healing and tapping into love energy. We also have Experts discussing how to manifest your soulmate and finding love through nurturing yourself.  Our world is shifting and we all need to be ready to open up and navigate this new reality.

I will be sharing my methods for “Transforming Fear Into Love” with a simple 5-minute protocol you can use anytime.  This Energy Healing Technique instantly takes the body out of “fight or flight” mode and can be used by adults and children.  Whenever you feel anxious, afraid, or depleted, this protocol will open up your heart center and release positive energies throughout your system.

Click on the following link to learn more.

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