Set Your Intentions for the New Year

Set Your Intentions for the New Year

Have you thought about what you will create and manifest in the new year? Is there anything you wish to leave behind? It has been a very intense year around the world and we are all feeling the effects as a collective. Being intentional with how you want to live your life is key to surviving and thriving during these times. One of the most powerful exercises to do before any big transition like a new year, birthday, new moon, etc. is to focus on your vision, and write down your intentions for the next chapter. Part of bringing yourself into alignment is becoming aware of what you truly desire. 

 Here are some useful tips:

1. Find a comfortable, quiet spot to sit and bring awareness to your thoughts. When you begin to feel at peace, observe any messages that come to mind when you think about the coming year. Is there something you've been putting off? Are you satisfied with your career? Your relationships? Your social circle?Sometimes what we desire is in realizing our discomfort with things or situations that may need to change. "I no longer want ______, so now I know that ________ is better for me moving forward" as an example.

2. Use a special notebook or journal and write down your observations from this exercise. Make a list and describe what each item would feel like if you achieved it. How would you know you had reached that moment? What proof do you need?

3. Create a visual reminder which you can see every day. It can be quotes you post on the wall. Photos or a collage you place in your phone or notebook. Or, written Affirmations stated in the present tense that you can repeat to yourself every morning.

Each of these exercises will bring your awareness to your heart's desire and intentions, and you will begin to see a shift in your perspective and mindset every day going forward.  

If you wish to take a deeper dive and receive personal support with this next chapter, please reach out to book a 15-minute discovery session. Cheers to a beautiful and prosperous new year.


Dr. Samora

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